Cloud Offerings

Consulting for Cloud Strategy

  • Understanding existing technology landscape
  • Understanding the need for moving to Cloud
  • Identifying the application / information for moving to cloud
  • Identify and document the Security and Mirroring / Backup aspects
  • Plan the overall strategy, roadmap and execution
  • Report and Monitor progress
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • Cloud Audit

Cloud Integration

  • On Premise & On Cloud Integration
  • Identify the applications on premise and on cloud, and the integration needs
  • Understand the security aspects for the integration
  • Identify and document the Integration needs with data / information for integration, periodicity (batch / real time) of exchange, and the methods to be used for integration
  • Do PoC and share findings
  • Come up with the integration roadmap, share and
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of Client through the process
  • Implement the process and hand over, Support

Cloud Development

  • Development and Hosting of Cloud Applications
  • Identify and gather business requirements for cloud applications
  • Identify the needs for information dashboards on / from the cloud
  • Development and Implementation of applications for the cloud – Web products, SaaS products
  • Monitoring and support of cloud applications