Internet of Things

Welcome to the Internet of Things, a world where everything is connected!

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a wide range of devices that include RFID/biochips used in animals and pets, built in sensors used in automobiles, smart garbage cans, equipment used in hospitals to monitor the health of patients and millions of such devices. These devices collect real time data and pass it on to the connected devices as a signal to move to the further set of actions.

It is about creating intelligent systems for more connected world which will give you time value of money.
We, at Ecotech bring together Mobile, Web, Cloud and Electronic devices and equipment through IoT Solutions.

Applications of IoT


IoT Predictions



Few Solutions Built Around IoT

  • Geofencing/Tracking Solutions for Security Agencies
  • Fleet Management/ Routing Solutions for Transportation Industry
  • Digital Display System for Vehicle
  • Remote Monitoring of Power Generation Plants
  • Applications Integrated with Blood Monitoring System for Healthcare Industry