Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a software application developed for managing complex databases for managing training and education records with the features for online collaboration and evaluation.

LMS has become a powerful tool for staffing and training companies, extension schools and organizations that constantly upgrade and train their workforce.

Robust LMS typically provides:

  • Centralized and automated administration
  • Support portability and standards
  • Enablement of knowledge reuse and personalization of content
  • Use of self service and self-guided services
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly.

LMS Functionality

  • Course Content Delivery
  • Student Registration and Administration
  • Training Event Management (i.e., scheduling, tracking)
  • Curriculum and Certification Management
  • Skills and Competencies Management
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Reporting
  • Training Record Management
  • Courseware Authoring
  • Resource Management
  • Virtual Organizations