Migration / Reengineering


Migrating legacy systems, applications and databases can be a complex and never ending process. Ecotech, with its multi-project experience in migrating solutions and aligning data sources from across technologies, has adequate knowledge to share through consultinng and by taking up end-to-end migration assignments –  be it technology version upgrades or migration between technologies or a simple Re-engineering

Migration Challenges

  • Migration Costs
  • Migration Timelines
  • User Data Migration
  • User Management through the migration process
  • Restructuring / Re-grouping of applications (Enterprise scenario)

Ecotech Offers

  • The right tools, methodologies, and templates to create functionally rich systems for meeting existing and future business demands in case of such Migration processes

Business Value

  • Quick migration and re-engineering of Products and critical business applications through proven migration processes and methodologies

We provide Migrations in following Technologies

  • Desktop to Web and Mobile apps
  • Cloud Migration
  • Lotus to SharePoint Migration
  • Technology version Upgrades
  • Systems Application Migration

Biggest challenge that enterprises face is, moving critical applications from legacy systems to contemporary / modern  technologies and integrating the applications, databases and systems with other Enterprise applications.  Ecotech a lot of value to any IT Migration and Re-engineering project through its proven processes and deploying the right migration expertise

Application migration & re-engineering services include:

  • Application upgrade
  • Application re-engineering with improved functionality
  • Data migration
  • Technology migration

Migration Advantages:

  • Quick migration and re-engineering of applications
  • Greater access to real-time data
  • Accelerated business processes
  • Higher business cycle performance and efficiency
  • Expanded flexibility and coverage