Offshore Development Centre

Establishing an offshore development center has its own set of challenges in most cases. With the advent of globalization, product companies often wish to setup an extended IT team, for managing at least the non-core development activities. But, irrespective of the type of work, unless the initial hurdles are not crossed as ONE team, off-shoring will not be a positive experience to both parties. There is a lot more, than just identifying the right team, creating documentations, having regular status calls,  etc. With a wide difference in culture and working styles to begin with, there are several factors need to be understood and addressed initially.

Ecotech has been highly successful in establishing working off-shoring relationships with several product companies across globe. We have worked around the challenges to establish right processes and procedures to take over and manage product development activities efficiently.

Irrespective of the engagement size, we always add an experienced cross-cultural project manager to set and manage the expectations at both ends until things fall in place. Initially we make the teams available on your time zone, making it possible to work as part of your team. We setup proper review and correction mechanism to ensure the working style at both ends get aligned at the earliest. 

Costs for a full time, certified resource typically starts from USD 1200 per month

Want to go a step further and set up your own office?

Ecotech’s management team has wide experience in consulting and setting up Offshore development Centers in India for US and European customers. We believe there is space for every business model, as long as we associate with like minded teams, and offer this as a separate services as well and with management services through incubation period

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