Project Roadmap Monitoring Platform for Top Management

The project Roadmap Monitoring Platform helps Top Management to deploy complex systems in less time and cost. The project which does not achieve the expected business outcome results in failure. Thus monitoring business project and program is a big challenge to top level managers. Also time and cost for collecting, analyzing, and reporting business project information are also the major challenges for management team.

The Project Roadmap Monitoring Platform enables the governance and review of business projects efficiently, consistently, and cost effectively thus improving the business performance.

Our team of skilled and experienced professionals will deliver a quality service to improve your business performance by our Project Roadmap Monitoring platform.

Our expertise professionals have developed a system ‘EAS MAP’ which is integrated and collaborative business web application with pre-configured business content and roadmap. The application can be executed with number of projects and activities in connection with aspect of time. It enables setting a roadmap for all business, technology, and organizational elements, giving complete visibility on key projects to Top Management.

EAS MAP is a Microsoft SharePoint based application, which can integrate to key Enterprise Software for effective governance.

The EAS MAP gives you effective project governance, with security, reliability, and collaborative features of SharePoint:

  • Provides Process Controls with Models and Roadmaps
  • Provides Business Visibility across the Organization
  • Enables compliance with organizational business processes
  • Enables a framework that can be easily understood by business stakeholders
  • Aligns to the business, people, process, organization and technology
  • Provides qualitative and quantitative metrics to key stakeholders

Our Project Roadmap Monitoring Platform gives following improved results to your organization:

  • Reduction in Cost and Time required for collecting and integrating project review and risk information
  • Provides structured framework to review and analyze strategic projects and programs
  • Facilitates the alignment of IT to business goals and ensure business outcomes
  • Facilitates business performance benchmarking against measured outcomes, enables business performance