Microsoft SharePoint

At Ecotech, we have Microsoft certified professional in SharePoint, with rich experience in using Microsoft environments and tools for over years. We use SharePoint as our preferred middle-ware for building workflow applications and integration with other applications for Enterprises. Our solutions around SharePoint helps IT Companies around the globe in offering their clients – Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, in setting up their Intranet and Extranet for Collaboration, Team activities, Manage Documents, and Exchange Data with other Enterprise applicaitons – Simply, makes it easier for people to work together.

Using SharePoint 2010, we could set up Web sites to share information with others and publish reports to help management in making better decisions.

Microsoft Office SharePoint provides a solution to organization by accessing organizational resources with collaboration in team members, managing content and workflow, and a business insight to make more correct decisions.The main purpose of SharePoint Roadmap is to define your collaboration vision and align with your business goals; and then to create an approach to implement SharePoint solution which helps your organization to meet the business needs.

Our Consulting team helps you by aligning business needs with SharePoint capabilities, prioritizing the resources, and developing the plans for implementing SharePoint in your organization.The SharePoint Roadmap brings the following profits to organization:

The SharePoint Roadmap brings the following profits to organization:

  • Aligns your SharePoint solution to business needs and strategy
  • Help to define governance
  • Defines what technology is needed and when to make SharePoint implementation successful
  • Make ease to publish and share your information
  • Incorporates feedback from users to prioritize resources

Business Intelligence applications and tools allow you to systematize your business goals, business processes, and performance requirements. With the use of Business Intelligence you can present your data as meaningful information. It helps you to make fast and correct organizational and business decisions.Our Business Intelligence solution helps your organization to take decisions by identifying the areas of improvement and gap analysis. The key benefits include:

  • Real-Time access to accurate information
  • Improved business performance
  • Easy-to-use analysis and reporting tools
  • Rich and Interactive dashboards to share with clients

The BI process could be set up for various Business functions including Billing, Inventory management, sales orders, customer relationship management, financial management or Employee Skill Matrix, Competency tracking, etc. Our team has the experience in using following tools.

  • MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • MS SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS)
  • MS PerformancePoint Server
  • SAP Business Objects
  • Crystal Reports
  • Cognos
  • LogiXML

SharePoint can also integrate with Windows Base Authentication which depends on Active Directory. It helps System Admin to make policies for each individual or create group of users for rights and access on the environment in organization. Integration with Office application provides a persistent collaboration toolset.

The integration of OCS/Lync with SharePoint provides the efficient use of Lync. It also provides an efficient way for Administrators to control new product enhancements throughout their unified communication environment.

Integration of SharePoint with Exchange allows inbound mail access from Exchange directly into SharePoint libraries and lists. Apart from this integration provides ability to relay outgoing alert messages through the Exchange server and the ability for personal sites to link directly to Exchange inboxes, calendars, and other information directly from a SharePoint site.

Interoperability is the ability of system to work with other system without any special effort on the part of customer.Data & Content interoperability modeling can help to improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management. Also it improves Business insight by:

  • Presenting business critical information in one central location
  • Quickly connecting people with information
  • Sharing business data broadly while helping to protect sensitive information

Responsive Web Designs (RWD) is a strategy to improve user experiences on wide range of devices such as desktops, mobile and tablets. The goal of our Responsive Web Design (RWD) is to build a web page that detects visitor’s screen size and change the layout accordingly. We create more flexible layout that resizes itself to fit to the size of display.Our Responsive Web design has following features:

  • Enhanced navigation
  • Easy Reading
  • Minimum Resizing and Scrolling
  • Flexible layout and Flexible images

Our skilled Administration and Helpdesk Support team helps your organization to maintain SharePoint infrastructure and related technologies. Our team of certified SharePoint Engineers can assist you for any of the question in SharePoint Environment. Helpdesk support team members are committed to provide quality service resulting in customer satisfaction.Our Support team provides you services by:

  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint Maintenance including daily backup and log reviews
  • Web Parts deployment
  • Management of SharePoint security issues
  • SharePoint end user helpdesk

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated solution that offers enterprise content management, records management, collaboration, and workflow capabilities in a single roof. To gain all these from SharePoint is a big challenge for enterprises. For these enterprises we provide quick and easy access to critical business information with our Enterprise Business Process Solutions. We capture and deliver all the information in SharePoint with following benefits:

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Reduction in corporate risk
  • Reduction in the cost of managing papers
  • Robust sustenance and governance
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Any organizations first need is to represent and promote their brand with all stakeholders. Our expertise team in all aspects of SharePoint design helps you to symbolize your brand with our SharePoint Branding services. They can use their skills to customize any SharePoint application to your company, building your application more efficient and easy to use. Our branding service allows easy deployment across multiple environments.

The benefits of our SharePoint Branding Services are:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Higher Initial System Quality
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Adoption Rates

Besides carrying out the Version migrations, we have the expertise in migrating Enterprise applications from Lotus to SharePoint, and .NET to SharePoint. We have certified professional in Lotus as well as in SharePoint to carry out the initial discussion, architecture planning, and to manage the entire migration life cycle including Data Migration, UAT and deployment to production environments. We have built proprietary frameworks to carry out such migration within short durations. Besides using our own tools and frameworks, we also use tools from Quest, and Nintex depending on the client requirements and budgets.

Enterprise Integration

As part of developing Enterprise applications we have necessary expertise on integration with commonly used Enterprise tools and applications. We have experience in working on the following Enterprise applications integration:

  • Oracle HRMS
  • SAP
  • VMWare
  • SalesForce
  • HP Open View
  • Cognos
  • Dealer Locator (Google Map)
  • Fax Server
  • Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • CMS / ECM

Ecotech team for building
Why use Ecotech team for building Enterprise Solutions in SharePoint?

  • Ecotech’s solutions around SharePoint helps in cutting training and maintenance costs, saves time and efforts, to keep the focus on higher priorities.
  • At Ecotech, we build custom applications and components in SharePoint, to rapidly respond to business needs of clients.
  • Through our solutions, we help Enterprises share ideas and expertise and find the right business information to make better decisions, through the Business Intelligence capabilities of solutions we offer.

These are the standard application development assignments most Enterprise look to outsource. We work with several enterprises for building and maintaining their Work flow applications, besides migration existing work flow applications in any other technology (.NET, Lotus, etc.)

For enterprises looking for SharePoint off the premise to save costs on infrastructure and staff, now is the time to look at that option – with the introduction of SharePoint 2010. SharePoint Online, as part of Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), until now had a number of limitations compared to an on-premise version. However, SharePoint 2010 closes the gap in functionality between the deployment options and opens up SharePoint Online to a wider range of applications.With our knowledge and expertise in building SaaS based applications for a while now, we offer Solutions on the Cloud, taking care of Enterprise Security needs, right Infrastructure, and in turn a huge cost savings on maintenance. With SharePoint infrastructure on the Cloud, most SMEs

  • Need not worry about developer skill set on premise
  • Need not have an admin skill set to manage the infrastructure
  • Need not worry about issues of upkeep, archiving, replication

For the large enterprises as well, we have a hybrid model in offer – “putting commodity teams to SharePoint Online, keeping the Core Business apps and data associated with them on-premise”

We build Frameworks that are used as a standard framework for different applications within an organization. These form as part of the base architecture, when we undertake migrations or work flow applications building in SharePoint. These frameworks comprise a lot of common code libraries, enterprise wide business rules applicable for all applications, standardized structures of work flow applications for the organization, and the likes

Web parts are built as standalone applications, especially in Enterprise scenarios, which could be consumed by several applications across the enterprise. For example, a simple web part could be Excel charting. You could use this Web part at various places, to call data from excel files in a predefined order and show charts in pre-defined format (Pie, Stack, etc.)

.NET is the integral part of SharePoint environment, so much so, that the SharePoint Services Web Part infrastructure is built on top of the Microsoft ASP.NET. Web Part infrastructure and Web Parts that derive from the ASP.NET WebPart class are completely supported in Windows SharePoint Services. Taking advantage of this, we build utilities in .NET on a Rapid Development model, that use the common infrastructure of the Enterprise such as Active Directory, SSRS, etc. on top of the SharePoint setup and the work flow applications.