SAP ByDesign

The SAP Business ByDesign solution is the world’s most complete and adaptable on-demand business offering, designed specifically for midsize companies that want to grow profitably.

SAP Business ByDesign helps you streamline and optimize every area of your business. The solution provides transparency and control over all your operations, so you can immediately identify and respond to issues and opportunities – and it’s adaptable, so you can meet new business requirements with minimal time, effort, and cost.

The SAP Business ByDesign Solution Supports Your Employees across Your Key Business Areas-


  1. Financial and management accounting
  2. Cash flow management

Customer Relationship Management

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Service

Human Resources Management

  1. Organizational management
  2. Human resources
  3. Employee self-service

Supply Chain Management

  1. Supply chain setup management
  2. Supply chain planning and control
  3. Manufacturing, warehousing, and


Project Management

Supplier Relationship Management

  1. Sourcing
  2. Purchasing

Compliance Management

Executive Management Support

  1. Business performance management

SAP Business ByDesign – Fully Integrated Solution

SAP ByDesign

Built-In Analytics and Service & Support

Built In Analytics

Why SAP Business ByDesign?

There are several benefits of choosing the SAP Business ByDesign as the ERP platform-

  • On-Demand hosting model that lowers IT investments
  • Flexibility and Scalability to Support new Business Lines
  • Complete solution, increasing efficiency of overall operations for users
  • Intuitive User Interface and built-in learning environment for rapid adoption
  • Built-in Analytics give better visibility into projects, external contractors, Customer Relationship Management, Financial and Business Data
  • Wide network of Services and Support partners, offering support on demand.


The SAP Business ByDesign Go-Live Methodology Roadmap is designed to simplify the process of going live with the Business ByDesign solution. The Methodology Roadmap consists of project phases, workshops, accelerators, acceptance checkpoints, streams and project tasks.

Consulting on SAP

Prepare Phase

The Prepare phase is critical because it lays the foundation of a successful cooperation, creating a joint understanding of the project scope and project goals and how to achieve them. Many of the workshops are conducted in the Prepare phase to assist with this.

Fine Tune & Integrate-Extend

The Fine-Tune aspect focuses on the system related activities. The organization structure is established and all system settings are completed. The Integrate & Extend aspect targets the custom content development (if applicable) and the data migration tasks. These tasks are executed in parallel with each other.


The Test phase focuses on ensuring that all the business scenarios and customer specific business processes can be executed in the SAP Business ByDesign system with the migrated data.


The Go-Live phase focuses on the cutover tasks and the business and people readiness. These are the final steps before the SAP Business ByDesign system is released to the end user for productive use. The business and people readiness are often underestimated and should be planned and prepared from the start of the project.

The functional implementation of the SAP Business ByDesign Solution includes-


  • Finalization of Statement of Work
  • Functional Configuration of SAP Business ByDesign solution
    • Configuration of Go-Live Activities
    • Workshops
    • Accelerators
    • Migration Templates
  • Milestones Confirmation
  • Key User Enablement
  • Overall Go-Live Readiness Assessment
  • Testing of the Solution as per the SOW

Customization & Integration

The Customization of the SAP Business ByDesign Includes-

  • Adapt Custom Fields on the Forms
  • Personalize Solution
  • Customize Form Template
  • Add Custom Field on Form Templates
  • Form Template with Stub Replication

The Integration section includes the following activities-

  • Full Integration with legacy System
    • Interface Development
    • Custom Field addition in the Interfaces
    • Third Party Integration & Configuration
  • SAP Business ByDesign Integration with Salesforce (SFDC)

SAP ByDesign

Following offerings provided in the Help Desk Management section

  • Functional Issues Resolution to Customer
    • Queries related to the Solution Functionality by Various key Users
    • Documentation of the Resolution for desired audience
  • Technical Issues Resolution
    • Integration with external System
    • Interface implementation
    • Form Template Development
    • Technical Issues related to the Solution
    • Contact SAP for High End Support

SAP ByDesign

The Key User Enablement & Support section includes-

  • Key User Training
  • Key User Enablement Tracking
  • Support for Key User Enablement
  • Support for Incident(s) encountered by Customer
  • Support on the Integration Services/Interface Development